What to Expect

  We welcome you to meet at the building with us for Worship Services.
 When you join us you can expect singing, preaching, communion, and prayer, (not necessarily in that order).  We do our best to make our guests feel welcome, but we promise we won't embarrass you.  We don't ask our guests to stand or anything like that, in fact, if you just want to come and spectate, you are welcome to do that.  Don't be surprised if our members are excited to greet you and start getting to know you.  There are times for that before, after and during our worship assembly.
We have begun passing communion trays in the auditorium service.   If you prefer, individual cups are available in the foyer, and social distancing with individual cups is offered in our Next Door Service.

We have resumed Bible classes for children, youth, and adults.  9:00 am Sunday mornings and 7:00 pm Wednesday evenings.  
Auditorium Service
Every Sunday morning, everyone is welcome to join our worship service in the auditorium. There you will find an uplifting, worship experience full of singing, prayer, communion, and preaching. We do our best to make everyone, members & guests, feel comfortable, welcome, and part of the family.
NextDoor Service
Our “Next Door” service is provided to meet your needs in a more informal setting.  Held in our gym, we offer a more socially distanced seating arrangement and individual communion cups for those who are not yet comfortable with passing trays.  A combination of video preaching and live worship, this provides a smaller congregational feel, allowing more personal interaction with one another.

We have a very well rounded online presence.  We live stream all of our regular worship times (Sunday morning, Sunday evening, & Wednesday Evening).  You can tune in to all of our live streams on Youtube, Facebook, Our website, and in our App available on iOS & Android.  We also have a tv app available on AppleTV & Roku. We keep most every recording available here on the website, and in our app, so if you miss a lesson you can always go back and catch it.  Each lesson is also easily sharable so you can pass them along to friends and family that you feel may be blessed by hearing them.