Fairmont Park church of Christ is in its fourth decade of service. The first meeting on September 12, 1982, was a culmination of several years of planning by a congregation that met starting in 1953 at the corner of Ft. Worth Street and Jax Avenue.  There were 214 charter members who came to the new location on North Midland Drive.  

Since that time Fairmont Park has been blessed with steady growth, both spiritually and numerically. Much of that growth is a direct result of the leadership of 31 elders, 9 of which are still active today. Fairmont Park has also been led through the ministry of six strong pulpit ministers.

Paul Hall was the first pulpit minister. Ralph Gates was the longest tenured preacher serving for 17 years. A pillar of faith here at Fairmont as well as in the community, Ralph died in March of 2002. Steve Bailey preached at Fairmont for three tough years after Ralph’s death. Scott Sheppard followed Steve as pulpit minister, serving this congregation in many different capacities for over 10 years.  In August 2013, Fairmont welcomed Dane Boyles,  after Scott stepped down.  In April 2015, Dane and his family moved. In September 2015, Mike Crowley joined the staff and took over the reins as pulpit minister.

To accommodate our growth, Fairmont Park has expanded the building and added classrooms over the years. In 1991 an education annex was added, and three years later expanded, giving us much needed Bible class space. In 1999 a building project was undertaken which included an expansion of the foyer, addition of classrooms, and remodeling and expansion of the office area among other things.  In 2013, the church  completed remodeling, turning our fellowship hall into much needed classrooms and adding a new Multipurpose Facility with a beautiful kitchen, cafe, and a gymnasium area to hold class on Sunday morning or a basketball game after services on Sunday nights.

We are excited about the future of the church and the impact that the Fairmont Park church of Christ can have, not only in our own community but also on the world. We are continually amazed at what God is accomplishing through His people in this place.

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