Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling Available at Fairmont

A wedding consists of a pretty girl, a good looking guy, and some cake.  A marriage is a whole lot more!  While you are nailing down the particulars of your wedding, don’t forget to plan for the “happily every after.”

Texas now offers free marriage education classes focusing on making marriages stronger in Texas.  Couples completing the 8 hour class receive a certificate which, when presented to their county clerk, saves $60 on their marriage license and waves the 72 hour waiting requirement.  Licensed counselor and Fairmont Park member Raylene Weaver is partnering with “Twogether in Texas”  and wants to help you prepare for your upcoming nuptials by offering premarital counseling.  To make an appointment with Raylene, call the church office at (432) 699-7064.

Benefits of taking a premarital education class include:

  • Enhancing your communication and conflict resolution skills to enrich your relationship
  • Learning the key components of a successful marriage
  • Receiving a $60 discount on marriage license fees
  • Waiver of the 3-day waiting period



Twogether in Texas is a Texas Health and Human Services Commission sponsored initiative intended to promote free, skills-based marriage preparation classes to provide couples with the tools needed to manage the inevitable challenges found in every relationship. Premarital classes consist of 8 hours of fun, interactive training focusing on communication skills, conflict management, and other key elements of a healthy marriage. Learn to love for life!  Visit for more information.


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