F.E.A.S.T. Groups


This ministry is made up of Fairmont Park members who enjoy being together.  We spend precious time together studying God’s Word, praying, sharing, laughing, crying, and of course, eating.  We do all this in the intimate, warm, friendly, non-threatening environment of our homes, which makes it perfect for inviting friends and neighbors.  It’s also a great opportunity to get to know each other on a level that can’t be achieved in a large congregational setting.

The mission of FEAST groups is to encourage each other by sharing the same faith in God’s story and His purpose for us, and facilitate an atmosphere of responsibility and service to one another, thus strengthening the body as a whole.

FEAST groups are made of 8-12 adults and can include all ages with or without children.  Groups meet on a weekly/semi-weekly basis to participate in a discussion-based Bible study and intimate prayer time to develop a stronger walk with God.  Most of the groups meet in homes on Sundays after p.m. services.  Others meet for Sunday lunch or on a weeknight.  Some meet during the school year only.  Some meet all year round.

This is a great way for new members to meet other Fairmont members, to feel welcome and get “plugged in.”  The small group setting is ideal in developing future teachers and leaders.

If you have further questions, or if you are ready to join a FEAST group, call Smokie Thorp at (432) 638-9940.

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