Children’s Events & Bible Classes

Sunday a.m. Children’s Bible Classes

Class Location Teacher
Ladybugs (0-1 year) Annex Linda Seago
Fireflies (1 year olds) Annex Janet Hayse and Janice Witcher
Butterflies (2 year olds) Annex Janet Reed
Bumblebees (3 year olds) Annex Mitci Bartlett
Caterpillars (4 year olds) Annex Kim Sanders
Kindergarten/1st grade Annex Cassie Bundy
2nd/3rd grade Annex Kim & Amanda Lewis
4th/5th grade Annex Mary Lynch
6th grade Annex Lacey Holloman


Wednesday p.m. Children’s Bible classes

Class Location Teacher
Ladybugs (0-1 year) Annex Lizzie Weaver
Fireflies (1 year olds) Annex Lacey Holloman
Butterflies (2 year olds) Annex December Oglesby & Echo Marshall
3 year olds Annex
4 year olds Annex Shelley Courter, Jenny Martin
Kindergarten/1st grade Annex Gaylene McMackin, Maria Lopez
2nd/3rd grade Annex
4th/5th grade Annex Deidra Delozier
6th grade Annex Gini May





Children’s Ministry Events and Special Announcements









Mark your calendars for these upcoming events and plan to join the fun!

Dec. 2-Cookies & Cocoa with Santa

Dec. 3-LTC kick-off meeting




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